Licensed Optician FAQ

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How Many Hours Do I Need To Maintain My License?

Four approved spectacle hours for each years; eight approved contact hours for each year; combination licenses must obtain both requirements to maintain licenses each year. There is now a requirement for Spectacle Licenses to have two (2) hours of Spectacle Contact Dispensing (SCD) continuing education in addition to the four (4) hours Spectacle.

How Do I Get Another License: Spectacle Or Contact Lens?

Two years supervised experience or graduation from a board-approved opticianry school and passing the appropriate exam.

Can I Change An RX Spectacle Or Contact Lens?

No, not without a prior written authorization of the prescribing doctor.

Do I Have To Advise The Patient To Return For A Final Contact Lens Fit Evaluation?

Yes, this must be in writing, as prescribed by statute.

Will I Be Audited By The State Licensing For Credit Hours?

Yes, names are pulled at random for audit. You must keep the C.E. credit slip given to you after each seminar and send the appropriate portion to the board. This is done at random, no one is singled out.

Must I Sit Through A Full C.E. Program To Receive My Certificate?

Yes, you may be excused for a few minutes during the seminar but you must surrender your registration slip. If you do not return in a reasonable time, you will be denied your slip and credit will not be given.

Can I Leave A Non-Licensed Person In Charge While I Go To Lunch Or Have To Be Off The Premises?

Yes, for a short time (long enough for lunch or dinner). This apprentice can show frames, teach contact lens insertion and removal, and hand glasses over the counter to the customer. The apprentice cannot take any measurements, write any purchase orders involving specifications or take any actions which may influence the vision of the customer.

How Many Apprentices May Work Under A Licensed Optician?

Three apprentices per licensed optician. If two licensed opticians are on the premises, six apprentices may also be present. If only one licensed optician is on the premises, only three apprentices may dispense.

What May Non-Licensed Assistants Do?

They may help the customer select frames, teach insertion and removal of contact lenses, handle deposits or payments, sell accessories(i.e., sports straps, contact lens solution, eyeglass cords, etc.). They cannot take any measurements or make any decisions on the fit of the frame or contact lens.

Will My Laboratory Experience Count Toward My License Experience Time?

Yes, recent changes in the statute permit the optical dispensers board to grant credit for up to one year for working at least thirty hours per week for one continuous year in an optical laboratory.

Will Two Years At Any College Fulfill The Two Years Requirement To Take The Test?

No, the schooling must be at a Board-approved opticianry school. Check with the board to see if a particular school has been approved.

Must My License Be On The Premises Where I Am Working Even Though I Am Only Filling In?

Yes, if you travel from store to store you must take your license with you or obtain a duplicate(s) for $5.00 to display at each store where you work.

If My License Is Displayed At A Store Can A Non-Licensed Person Dispense?

If your license is displayed at a store, an apprentice may dispense only under your direct supervision. If the dispensing is done under the auspices of your license, you are responsible for the conduct of the non-licensed person. No dispensing may be done with out the direct supervision of a licensed person.

What Do I Do When My License Expires And I Do Not Have Enough C.E. Hours?

If you have not already asked the board for an extension of time, you may do so in writing. It is the policy of the Board to give one sixty day extension for good cause shown. However, a recent change to the statute will permit a grace period and penalty of $75.00 for the extension. Board regulations permit the waiver of continuing education credits in case of hardship, such as advanced age, military service, etc.

Do I Have To Let The Board Know Who My Apprentices Are And How Many Of Them I Have?

Yes, recent changes to the statute require all licensed persons to notify the board of the names and addresses of the three apprentices as well as pay a $20.00 registration fee for each apprentice. Apprentice renewals are $20.00 as well.

I Work For An Optometrist Or An Ophthalmologist, Do I Need To Register?

Yes, recent changes to the statute require all licensed persons to notify the board of the names and addresses of the three apprentices as well as pay a $20.00 registration fee for each apprentice. If the person is EMPLOYED AND DIRECTLY SUPERVISED by a private Doctor then they do not have to register. Example: If they work in a retail setting and work with the Doctor, then they have to register because their employer is the retail store. If it is a private practice and they are employed and directly supervised by the Doctor, then they do not have to register.

How Can I Lose My License?

The basis for suspension or revocation of a license is spelled out in detail in section 4275.53 of the Ohio Revised Code. Some of the instances include, but are not limited to: conviction of a felony, obtaining a license fraudulently, fraud or misrepresentation of a sale, permitting an unlicensed person to use your license, habitual use of alcohol or controlled substances to the extent that professional competency is affected, etc.

If I Do Something Wrong, What Is The Penalty?

You may have your license suspended or revoked. Recent changes in the statute could also require the payment of a fine or, in appropriate instances, restitution to the consumer.

How Do I Let The Board Know When Someone Is Doing Something Wrong?

Write them a letter of complaint specific about the violations. Complaint forms are available on the OODB website under the complaint section or follow this link: