When do I need an optician?

Enhancing the Quality & Growth of Opticianry

Seeing well is important to our safety, our jobs and our lives.

See your licensed optician any time you notice a change in your vision. Licensed opticians are trained to recognize anything unusual in your eyesight and are able to direct you to the appropriate professional when necessary..

It’s a good idea to have your vision tested regularly. You can see an optician any time you have questions or would like to discuss anything regarding your eyewear or eyesight. Opticians care about your vision and are able to provide you with exactly the right solution for your vision, your personality and your lifestyle.

Once you’ve had your eye exam and your sight tested (by an optometrist or ophthalmologist) get your prescription (it’s the law) and you can take it to a licensed optician of your choice to have your glasses or contact lenses made. You may even be able to have your prescription made right where you had your eyes tested.